the biggest of all

the blue whale are the largest animals ever to live on earth and yes it does include the dinosaur. a blue whale can weigh upto 200 tonnes which is almost as same as a Boeing 777 passenger jet or it can weigh upto about 3255 average humans. the largest know dinosaur was the argentinasaurus which […]

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the red iphone

yes it is true not a fake but apple has now released a new color of iPhone 7. it is called product red and it is called so because a part of it goes to the research and development of HIV and aids so it of a good cause. as the box is unboxed the […]

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the science of aging

many of us wonder why do we die? well there are number of internal and external factor such as dies environment and exercise which all contribute to cell division and aging. surprisingly we have a biological clock buried within us which can only run for so long or we are programmed to die our body […]

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the biggest machine

when ever we think about a big machine we think about giant nuclear warhead or a engine or a manufacturing unit but the biggest machine that the mankind has built is used by all of us and is an essential part of our lives its electricity and the power plant that we have built. it […]

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firing the lead bullets

this is the sequel of the lead bullet video. the king of random took a bench vise and some para cord to launch the gun in a distance. he first secured the gun in the vise then warped the trigger just enough so that when the para cord is pulled it activates the trigger and […]

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lead bullets

this was a video by grant thompson- the king of random which was uploaded on 22 march 2017. he made lead bullets by scavenging lead from his car battery. he used some wood and melted the lead as it has very low melting point. he had a mold which he bought from amazon which he […]

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