paper towns

Maps are very hard to make. To make a map from scratch one has to do years of fieldwork analysis of satellite photo etc. But it is very easy to draw a map from another map and it is hard to get caught the one who did it as we are drawing the same world. Therefore map makers came up with a idea to catch the people who steal their map.

The solution was paper town. Paper towns are fake places that are put on map as copyright traps. A mapmaker can add an imaginary place and if they see and if they see a competing map maker has also that place on their map then they know that at one point the rival company took their info.

There are several example of paper towns. In New York there is a place called Agloe and had appeared in several other map evanescence. Argleton came up in google maps and Argleton was a paper town. After Argleton became famous google removed it and tagged it as the ghost town


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