how to become the Pope

Suppose you want to become the pope the head of the catholic church. so what would the requirement be-

  1. Be a Catholic
  2. Be a man
  3. Be a Cardinal (well it’s not an official requirement but the last time it happened was about 600 years ago)

step 1- be a priest. to do so you are going to require a lot of education, commonly a college degree in catholic philosophy and a masters of divinity and except that, be a man, be unmarried and be willing to be selevent. If you meet this requirement and have been working with the church then you are officially danged as a priest

  So now you want to move forward and to do that you need to become the person who made you a priest.

Step 2- Become a Bishop. There are about 400,000 priests but there are only about 5,000 Bishops. While the Priests get churches the Bishop get cathedrals by which it looks over a number of churches. to be a Bishop you must wait for a Bishop in you area to die or retire freeing up the space for you but you just cant apply because there is already a secret list of potential Bishop which is updated every 3 years. besides you must be 35 years old, a priest for at least 5 years and a PhD in theology or equal. After all these your name may or may not be in the secret list. The local Bishops then give the list to the ambassador of the pope of your country known as Apostolic Nuncio. He then picks 3 people from the list, researches on them and conducts an interview. And selects the one he thinks is the best. The Nuncio then sends the list to Vatican city where the congress of Bishops who work there reviews the candidate. If the congress does not like the list then it can tell the Nuncio to do the selection once again. when the congress is happy with a candidate, the name then is given to the Pope who can reject the candidate and tell to do the selection process once again. Therefore the selection of a new Bishop can take months if not years. So amusing that a Bishop died or retired in the right time, then you were in the secret list and the Nuncio picks you and the congress of bishops approved you and the Pope didn’t Vito you then huff you are a Bishop.

Step 3- Become a Cardinal. Well the Cardinal are not the boss of the Bishop but they are Bishop with an additional title and additional responsibilities in which the most notable is electing the new Pope. the only way to become a Cardinal is when the current Pope appoints you as a Cardinal. In the 5000 Bishop only about 200 are ever Cardinals. Lets say that the pope makes you a Cardinal and then its the time to play the waiting game for his death or retirement. After that the Cardinals are brought to the Vatican city where they are isolated by the outside world. After this the election for the pope begins. 4 times a day the Cardinals go to vote and to become the Pope one of them must get a two third majority. It usually take two weeks of voting 4 times a day and 6 days a week in which Sunday is reserved for prayers. the record length is 3 years. Amusing you have won the support of your fellow cardinals and won by a majority then you have one last step before you become the pope. Pick a new name. Well this is not a formal rule but people generally take the name of a previous Pope.

so be born in the right half of the world, and among the 1 of the billion Catholics, then one in 400,000 priests, then one in 5000 Bishops, then one in the 200 Cardinals and then convince two thirds of you fellow cardinals to elect you as the Pope


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