how many countries are there

well the answer seems easy right just take a map and start counting. well that’s not entirely true. the borders will change depending from whom you got that map. so the next answer will be to go to a committee say united nation and start counting the countries and get an answer which is 193 simply yes? sadly no, for example take Vatican city which is a country but it is not listed in the united nation. there are other places which want to be considered a country like transnistria, nagorno-karabakh, abkhazia, south osseria who might or might not be a part of Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia depending on who you ask

another award case is of Taiwan or Chinese Taipei which is totally part of china. Taiwan has been a separate a country for years but china wont let go and insist her to be told Chinese Taipei.

then let’s go to Olympics, well how many are there Olympics? its 204. well Olympics is a little bit special there are areas like american Samoa US virgin islands who are happy to play as a nation but are totally part of USA. Olympics include then to bump up the number so it can say more than 200 countries compete though even her inflated list does not include Vatican city.

a consistent definition of a country is impossible because the checklist should include the Vatican city which is the least country-like country thats still a country and also exclude the anti-Vatican city Hong Kong which is the most country like country which is not a country

the best answer to the question how many countries are there is “around 200” as what makes a country is that if other country think that it is a country.


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