what would happen if you did’nt drink water

water is present everywhere from moisture in soil to water in every cell of our body. our body is 55 to 60% water. water in our body helps to lubricate the joints, maintain out body temperature and nourishes the brain and the spinal cord. water is just not only in our blood but a adults brain and heart is about 3 quarters of water. and surprisingly the bone has 31% water in it. we loose water from sweat urine and even when we breathe. from these activities we loose about 3 liters of water therefore we have to compensate this loss by drinking water. when the water level goes down the brain signals the kidney which allows the blood to retain more water resulting in dark concentrated urine. a dehydrated brain works harder than a well hydrated brain to do the same task and even temporary shrinks due to lack of water.

the recommend daily consumption of water varies  from 2-3.7 liters of water which depends on weight, temperature, climate etc. other beverages such as coffee or tea also contribute in the water in out body. the moisture in our food contains about a fifth of the daily water intake

studies have shown that proper hydration can prevent certain kinds of cancer, and even prevent stroke form happening. no mater what but getting the right amount of water a world of difference in hoe we feel think and function in day to day


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