the biggest of all

the blue whale are the largest animals ever to live on earth and yes it does include the dinosaur. a blue whale can weigh upto 200 tonnes which is almost as same as a Boeing 777 passenger jet or it can weigh upto about 3255 average humans. the largest know dinosaur was the argentinasaurus which weighed about 90 tonnes which means that the blue whale weighs more than twice than that of the largest dinosaur every to live. they can grow upto a wooing 33.6 meters, its tongue alone weighs about 2.7 tonnes and its mouth is capable of holding 90 tonnes of food and water at once. its hearth weighs about 180 kg and is the size of a Volkswagen. it is unlikely that there is some another creature larger than the blue whale but more than 95% of the ocean has not been explored and there are estimates that we have only discovered about 14% of species of our planet so who knows there just might bigger that we are just unaware of.


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