the science of aging

many of us wonder why do we die? well there are number of internal and external factor such as dies environment and exercise which all contribute to cell division and aging. surprisingly we have a biological clock buried within us which can only run for so long or we are programmed to die our body is made up of trillions of cells which are constantly going through cell division and every time they did die they make a copy of their dna. but the problem is that dna replication is not perfectly  replicated and skips over the end of the dna. to prevent the dna structures to be cut out we have telomere at the end of chromosomes (tightly packed dna) which we can afford to lose but every tine the cells divide the telomere get stripped eventually stripping the dna and at this point the cell on longer divides. in humans the cell replicating limit is about 50 times when this number is reached the cell gradually loses its function and dies causing age related characteristics


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