time keeping on mars

The red planet or Mars is similar to Earth. Even one Day of Mars and one day in earth is pretty much similar. The length of one martian solar day often called a sol is 24 hours 39 minutes and 35.244147 seconds, whereas a solar day in earth takes 24 hours and 0.002 seconds. Therefore […]

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paper towns

Maps are very hard to make. To make a map from scratch one has to do years of fieldwork analysis of satellite photo etc. But it is very easy to draw a map from another map and it is hard to get caught the one who did it as we are drawing the same world. […]

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how to become the Pope

Suppose you want to become the pope the head of the catholic church. so what would the requirement be- Be a Catholic Be a man Be a Cardinal (well it’s not an official requirement but the last time it happened was about 600 years ago) step 1- be a priest. to do so you are […]

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how many countries are there

well the answer seems easy right just take a map and start counting. well that’s not entirely true. the borders will change depending from whom you got that map. so the next answer will be to go to a committee¬†say united nation and start counting the countries and get an answer which is 193 simply […]

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this is not yellow

when we say that a lemon is yellow what we actually mean is that the lemon absorbs all the color except yellow and it reflects yellow which fall in our retina which we perceives as yellow. but the screen that we use does not produce yellow at all. in fact it can only produce red, […]

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